Belfonti Capital Partners, LLC


Belfonti Capital Partners Hires Michael Robinson

     We are fortunate to have Michael Robinson joining our team ...

NEW YORK, NY - Michael Belfonti of Belfonti Capital Partners, LLC announced today the recent hiring of Michael Robinson as an Associate at the company. Mr. Robinson will work in the area of Business Development, locating and analyzing new opportunities.

Mr. Robinson graduated with distinction from the University of Kansas, where he earned his B.S., and he also received his M.B.A from Southern Methodist University in Texas. He formerly worked for Lehman Brothers and for Friedman, Billings & Ramsey as an equity analyst, and he brings with him a wealth of practical experience in developing valuation models, conducting financial statement analyses, and analyzing statistical data.

"We are fortunate to have Michael Robinson joining our team,” said Michele Pessoni of the Human Resources department for the Belfonti Companies. “He will be taking a lead role in the search, due diligence and negotiation processes as the company expands its portfolio."